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Dance Academy USA - 2014 Recitals - Order Form     

This Year’s DVD will feature:

  • Two camera coverage of the entire performance & close ups of dancers.
  • Enhanced Audio recording with additional microphones and sound technician.
  • High quality digital videotaping and editing.
  • Scene Selection DVD Menu for quickly locating favorite routines.

Happy Feet
Dance Academy USA Shows Quantity Price ($30.00/DVD)

Friday, June 13th 7:00 PM $0.0
Saturday, June 14th 10:00 AM $0.0
Saturday, June 14th 1:00 PM $0.0
Saturday, June 14th 4:00 PM $0.0
Saturday, June 14th 7:00 PM $0.0
Sunday, June 15th 10:30 AM $0.0
Sunday, June 15th 1:30 PM $0.0
Sunday, June 15th 4:30 PM $0.0
Total Order Qty: 0 $0.0
Total Price (Includes tax & shipping) $0.0

DVDs will start shipping on July 7th, 2014. When ready click proceed

*** To purchase prior year DVDs, call (408) 226-0411 ***

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20 years providing cherished family video productions!
20 years providing cherished family video productions!

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